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I’m an avid blog reader.  I’ve been using Google Reader for a year or so and I love it.  For those who don’t know what a reader is– basically instead of checking say 10 websites to see if there are any new entries, I can log into one website (Google Reader) and it will check and let me know if there’s anything new.  It’s a real time saver!  My subscriptions have grown from 3 to 20!

There are several ways I find new blogs to add: by people leaving me comments on my blog; reading other people’s blogs; but most importantly reading the comments to the posts- the commenters almost always have their own website.

I would like to highlight some of the blogs I’m reading and enjoying right now:

Early Favorites (blogs I added way back when) – I love this site.  It’s all about travel news and how to have a successful trip.  But, when things do go wrong he’s got loads of tips for that.  His blog is updated almost daily.
Reality Blurred–  The blog is all about reality TV.  This is how I know what’s going on on Survivor (or the many other reality shows) without ever having to watch.  I can now keep up with my friends or my reality show-addicted sister without spending hours in front of the TV watching them.  Updated almost daily.
Malena RTW – Malena started her round the world trip about a month before me and she’s still going strong.  The girl even applied for and got accepted to Harvard Law while on the road!  She’s currently navigating through SE Asia (a fave part of the world for me) and she’s real interested in the different kinds of candy produced around the world.  She updates a couple times a month.
Blog du Wren – Wren is a friend of a friend and keeps a fun website about what he’s doing in his life.  From the Friday Comics to making homemade goods to learning how to take the public bus to Seattle to hosting a “Local Foods” party, Wren posts are as broad as his interests and that keeps me entertained and coming back for more.

Travel Blogs (recent additions to my reader)
ClearlyEnlights Travel Blog – This traveler is in for the long haul and is older than the typical backpacker which just shows that you don’t have to be an early 20-something to pack up and travel around the world.  He’s spent the past year in 5 countries in the Middle East.  His posts are more commentary than strictly travel but interesting and insightful.  He updates almost daily.
GoBackpacking – Dave is the most recent addition to my reader and like me a slightly older traveler on the backpacker circuit.  He’s had great success using Couch Surfer and is currently traveling through a part of the world I haven’t been.  He updates regularly.
Ottsworld – Sherry embarked on a round the world trip a couple of years ago.  After that, she decided that the corporate life wasn’t for her and is now an English teacher in Ho Chi Minh City.  I love her blog because she doesn’t glamorize travel and she’s openly wondering if she made the right decision to pack up and move to Vietnam.
Pathetic Pair –  Laura and Ryan’s website is new to my reader but not new to me.  I met Laura and Ryan on the ferry from Samos, Greece to Kusadasi, Turkey and we spent the next couple of days hanging out together in Selcuk.  They echoed a lot of my feelings of how tough long-term travel is.  They eventually took a break back to Canada but are now back on the road in SE Asia.  Their posts are quick and fun to read.  They usually have a post for every day but are most likely uploaded several at a time.

Other Notable Blogs (because this blogs don’t fit anywhere else)
Dolce Design Blog – Brittany is a super-talented former classmate of mine.  She’s found quite the niche in designing paper products for special events like Weddings.  Check out her design website at:  She uses her blog to showcase some of her favorite things she finds both locally and nationally.  I particularly like the “iCovet” category.
The Real Tragedy in Death, Is a Life Not Lived – I found Rhona’s website diary because she left a comment on my website.  She’s a 30-something Canadian woman trying to balance being financially responsible, pursuing her dream to travel the world, and living her life to the fullest.  Some of her posts are exactly how I feel.  She’s getting ready to move and work in Germany for a bit.  I’ll be interested in reading how that goes.

So there you have it- the blogs that I most look forward to reading in the morning.  Does anyone out there have a favorite that I should be reading?


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