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Being Home and Photos (Finally!)

I received my monthly email from STA Travel yesterday (granted it’s a student travel agency and I’m not technically a student but hey it’s about travel which is totally relevant to me).  The email included: “You know you’re a travel addict when you’ve just spent the first night in your bed after a 40-day trip abroad and you dream about going back.”  I smiled because not only did my trip last exactly 40 days but because I dreamt about the next leg in my journey my first night back.  I guess that’s what happens when you have travel in your blood.

People always ask me if I appreciate the things I have at home more when I get back from some far-off place.  Yes, the “one-stop shopping” is way more convenient than going to a pharmacist, a produce stand, and trying to find shampoo separately.  But, the way I see it is that there’s no place like home.  It doesn’t matter what country you’re from – Kenya to Uzbekistan to Canada – you’ll always feel at home at home.

I’ve already singled out a couple of tours for South East Asia that encompass pretty much everything I want to see.  China is a real possibility as well depending on how well I stick to my budget (I didn’t do so well the first six weeks).  I’m also still debating whether I want to sweat it out in Dubai for a couple of days after Egypt.  Decisions!

I finally have my pictures uploaded – not all of them but the most interesting ones.  Looking through them I realized that I don’t take enough “everyday” pictures.  Most of my pictures are of the tourist sites.  I wish I would have taken pictures of the butchers in Morocco, more pictures of the people I’ve met along the way, and more of everyday living.  I just feel odd taking pictures of things that the locals think is nothing special.  It’s like someone taking a picture of a grocery store aisle.  Wouldn’t you find that a bit odd?  It is something I will work on in the future.  I’m going to put a permanent tab at the top of this website labeled photos but here’s the link for now.  The link will take you outside this website to Photobucket and I’ve organized the photos by country.  (The photos are copyrighted by me so please ask my permission before using any of them for anything other than personal use i.e. no selling or commercial uses.)  Enjoy!

When you open the link the albums are listed on the right-hand side.  Once you click on an album the pictures will open up as thumbnails.  Click on the picture to see a bigger version as well as a description (although some of them don’t have a description).  Some of the albums have more than one page so click on “View All” near the top of the left-hand side – this only works once you are in a album.  Click on “back to svoorhees” to get back to the album list.

I’m also working on a post about my time in Istanbul as well as a “Funny Miscommunications” post.



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