If you were to ask me five years ago that my life would turn out this way I wouldn’t have believed you.  It is so much more exciting than I ever would have imagined.

I graduated high school in 1997 and college in 2003.  I have BFA in Graphic Design which I loved in college but not so much in the “real world.”

My first overseas adventure was to Italy in 2001 with my University’s Art Department.  One week after we arrived 9/11 happened.  The Italians, literally and figuratively, wrapped their arms around us.

In 2004, I took my mom on her first trip abroad.  We toured through London, Paris and Amsterdam and had a great time.  My mom never had the desire to travel before but now she wants to go to Italy someday.

For my next overseas trip I went to India.  My interest in India stemmed from studying the religions and art of India for a class.  I signed up for a 3-week tour with The Imaginative Traveller.  I loved India because it was so different from anything else I had experienced.  It was on the tour that I met Liz – an Aussie who was on a 4-month round-the-world trip.  I remember thinking, “Man, I wish I could do that!”  But, I kept thinking, “What about my job, what about my bills, and such.”

The following year (2006) I entered in a photography contest sponsored by The Imaginative Traveller.   I won first prize in the Asia category for a picture I took while in India.  My prize was a free tour in Thailand.  I also arranged a 2-night stopover in Tokyo on my way to Bangkok.  On the tour, I met Bridgett (“B”) and Hugh, both English, who were just starting their own round-the-world trip, though not together.  Oh, how I envied them!  And then something switched “on” in my head.  I can do this!  From this point on- going on a long-term, round-the-world trip became a goal of mine.  So, I started slowly saving money.

In the meanwhile (2007), I found a terrific airfare special to London I just couldn’t pass up and I timed it to meet a co-worker in Paris.  So, I was off again.  But, this time I was by myself- meaning no group tour.  I thrived.  I loved deciding what to do and when.  Everyday was different.  I went to Stonehenge, understood a beggar in French on the Paris metro, stumbled on the ending meeting point for the London Marathon, and saw the red carpet for the Spiderman 3 London premiere.

Some circumstances in my life led me to moving back in with my parents.  But, in fact, it didn’t bother me a bit- the more money I could save the quicker I could realize my goal.  So, here I am with a car payment and auto insurance as my only debt and my savings account steadily climbing.  Words cannot describe the anticipation.

I think, perhaps, the greatest gift in my quest to see the world is inspiring others.  As I wrote earlier, I inspired my mom to travel more and now my sister will join me in Egypt on her first overseas trip.  Won’t she be in for a shock?!  I can’t wait to show her my passion…


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  1. 1 sweetbriar21 May 17, 2008 at 4:58 pm

    wow! you have BFA in Graphic Design?!?! i’m really into graphic designing, and i hope to become one someday. is the work really that great? i wish i could travel like you. 🙂

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