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I know everyone is anxiously awaiting the posting of my trip photos.  I’ve decided to switch to the easier to use and easier to upload application on Facebook.  You don’t have to be a Facebook member to view the photos.  I uploaded my favorites and it’s by no means all of them.  I’ve seemed to misplaced one of my camera disks at the moment (lost in my room which is not entirely surprising).  I switched between using two different cameras- a “point and shoot” and my digital SLR-  so going through the memory cards and sorting the photos took some time.  I added comments on very few (very few!).  But, if you have questions just ask.

(a few more I found that I like)

Day Trips from Bangkok

Cambodia – Angkor Wat

Cambodia – Orphanage Day

Cambodia – Khmer Rouge
(Warning: Contains some graphic images)

Vietnam – South 

Vietnam – Central

Vietnam – North


Playing with Tigers (Thailand)

Bungy Jumping (Thailand)

When I find more I like I’ll upload them to a new album so my loyal readers don’t have to go searching for them.  I’ve also added the links to the “Photos” tab located above.  Enjoy!



Trip Stats

I like statistics.  It’s a great way to wrap up a large amount of information.  I used other travel blogs as inspiration for the categories.  And to make things easier I’ve ignored the fact that I came home for six weeks in the middle.

Countries: 13
Days Abroad: 141
Flights: 10
Overnight Ferries: 3
Overnight Trains: 5
Unsurprisingly: I crossed all the longitudes on this trip
Surprisingly: I have not yet crossed the Equator (although Singapore is super close)

Total Weight Loss: 25 pounds or just over 1.75 stone if you’re from the UK (Yes, I’ve found the miracle diet!)

Item used the most: Calculator
Item used the least: Hand Sanitizer (see next category)

Days Sick: 1 (surprisingly it was at the 5-star Hilton in Dahab, Egypt)

Watches Broken: 3
Sunglasses Broken: 3

Favorite Country: Laos and Greece (I just can’t pick one!)
Favorite City: Hoi An, Vietnam (if only for the inexpensive custom-made clothes) and Fira, Santorini
Favorite Local Food: Greece and Thailand overall, certain dishes in Morocco and Cambodia
Favorite Place to Live: Dubai, United Arab Emirates or Chiang Mai, Thailand

Least Favorite Country: Egypt and Morocco
Least Favorite City: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Least Favorite Local Food: Vietnam
Least Favorite Place to Live: Cairo, Egypt

Best Sites: Angkor Wat – Siem Reap, Cambodia
                  Halong Bay – Vietnam
                  All of Santorini – Greece
                  Blue Mosque – Istanbul, Turkey
Best Old Cities/Medinas: Fez, Morocco and Hanoi, Vietnam

Nicest People: Laos
Rudest People: Vietnam (though not all!)
Country with the least hassle: Laos
Countries with the most hassle: Vietnam, Cambodia, and Egypt

New Skills Acquired: Mastery of the squat toilet including on moving trains! 

Average Meal (including drink) in SE Asia and Egypt: under $5
Average Meal (including drink) in Europe & Dubai: around $12
Cheapest Beer: $.20 in Hanoi, Vietnam
Three Nights Hotel in Bangkok: $40
Three Nights Hotel in Dubai: about $400 (and this is off-peak season prices)

Total Money Spent: $16,650
Total Money Wasted: $4,627 (coming home, buying/changing flights, week in Rome not budgeted for)
If I had to do it all over again I wouldn’t plan out so much.  It’s just as easy to pick up flights abroad and more often than not the prices do not skyrocket closer to the flight date like in the US.  I wasted a lot of money by booking new flights and no-showing on previously booked non-changeable/non-refundable flights.
Total Actual Money Spent: $12,023 (money spent minus money wasted)

Miss the most about traveling: Meeting other travelers from around the World and the FOOD!
Miss the least about traveling: The heat, both dry and tropical, and sweating
One thing (of many things) I love about being home: Price tags!!

Just because the trip is over it does not mean that “Where’d Stacy Go?” will cease.  I’m working on getting the pictures uploaded.  I found a much easier way to view/upload the pictures than what I have been using.  I think you all will agree.  I’m also going to work on a food from around the world post.  Perhaps in the future… country summaries and travel tips.  Keep tuned!


Many of you would think that the countdown is for when I come home (which is very, very soon) but in reality it’s the countdown to when I leaped (leaped might be a stretch) off an 165 foot platform attached to a giant rubber band.  Bungee!!  I have the certificate to prove it and if that’s not enough I have the video as well.  I stood up there for I think 10 minutes or so before I finally closed my eyes and just did it.  I remember opening my eyes on the way down but the rest of it was a blur.  It’s very disorientating.  But, I do remember thinking on the way down “I’m doing it, I’m doing it.”  I’m so glad I didn’t back out like I wanted to.  I knew I would regret it.  It’s a good metaphor for this whole trip.  It’s scary but exhilarating.  I’m glad I went home when I did and glad I came back out into the world to finish what I started.  Now, I don’t have to think about the “what if’s” because I did it!!  Oh yeah, before I bungee jumped I played with and cuddled with some tigers- babies, small ones, and big ones.  Might as well do all the heart-racing stuff in one day, huh??

I’m currently in Chiang Mai, Thailand – home to trekking and cooking courses (among other things).  Since I’m not much of a hiker at home, I skipped the trek.  Instead, I signed up for a “Intensive” Thai cooking course in which I learned six courses not normally offered in the standard classes.  I can’t wait to have a Thai dinner party so that I can show off my skills.  Other than that I’ve been enjoying my last few days vagabonding.

Now, I’m going to go see if I can get my heart rate back to normal.

Where’s Stacy?

Stacy is in West Virginia and totally amazed by the power of Math. (Nerd, I know!)


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