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Sri Lanka Troubles

With great displeasure and disappointment, I am looking to modify my travel plans to avoid Sri Lanka due to increasing violence resulting from their civil war.  Until recently, the civil war was contained to the far north and did not affect the capital city of Colombo or the tourist areas in the hill country.  Locals are afraid to leave their homes now.  Buses and trains are targeted, which would be my main form of transport.  A bus was bombed on a route between two cities that I would have taken.  While foreigners are not directly targeted, I feel it is in by best interest to steer clear for now.

Right now, the Gov’t of Sri Lanka is bombing Tamil Tiger bases in the North.  But, I highly doubt this conflict will resolve by August.

My alternate plan has me going straight on through to Singapore to spend an extra month in SE Asia which I can easily do.  Bali, Borneo Malaysia and Myanmar are all options.  My mom likes to bring up that nightclub bombing in Bali in 2002.  (How and why she remembers that is beyond me.)  But, everything I’ve read about Bail is beautiful beaches, a thriving art scene, and excellent food.  Sounds like my kind of place.  I’m not much into the “let’s get wasted because we’re in paradise” thing so I would probably avoid Kuta (where the nightclub bombings were) all together.

What do you think?  Should I hold on and see how Sri Lanka pans out?  Or should I just go straight to Singapore?


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